Independent School Branding

In collaboration with the school’s close-knit community, we created a strategic communications plan for this independent school that is targeted and measurable. As a result, school enrollment is at capacity, a waitlist has been started and all was accomplished within the established budget parameters.

Multiple Media

The brand rolled out across print, social, out-of-home and digital media to reach target audiences in the independent day school’s catchment area. For the school’s 20th anniversary we created a special edition of the logo to be used on these materials.

Year-End Report

Pulling together information that had been published in separate documents, we designed, wrote and produced a year-end report which combined volunteer recognition, major milestones and an overview of the financials. The professional magazine also serves as a marketing piece.

Co-Branded Announcement

Although in competition with the local public school for students, we collaborated with them on shared initiatives, enabling us to expand our reach to a broader audience.

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